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Trailhead Events

Our regional trail symposiums and annual conference is branded under the name Trailhead. Recently we have supported Trailhead Toronto, Trailhead Renfrew, Trailhead Marathon.

Upcoming events include, Trailhead Canada, with projects in development for Mountain Biking, First Nations, Tourism and Mattawa-Bonfield.

trailhead canada

Join us for a regional or annual gathering of trail leaders, planners, trail enthusiasts, managers, funders and developers. 

Through the work of the Trailhead Events, we enable communities to coordinate effort and secure the land or resources they need to promote a specific trail project or a network of trail systems.

For more information on any specific events use the links provided below.

Call us if you would like to plan or engage us for your Trailhead Event.


parks canada training trailhead canada

The organizers wish to thank Parks Canada - Parcs Canada for their promotional support of this event.

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tralhead canada