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Nipissing Trail

The Nipissing Bluff is the dominant glacial feature in Awenda. It is a raised beach created 5,500 years ago by glacial lake, Nipissing. Today, a 155 step staircase allows hikers to easily descend 32 metres down the face of the Nipissing Bluff, at times providing you with the sensation of being part of the forest canopy. This 0.5km. combination of trail and staircase connects both the Bluff and Beach trails Nipissing Bluff drops 60 metres into Georgian Bay.

Across the water is Giant's Tomb, an island where the spirit Kitchikewana rests. Below the bluff, sand, cobble and boulder beaches in sheltered Methodist Point Bay offer the best swimming. Like the kettle lake inland, they are signs of a glaciated past. From the shoreline fen to forest bog, on spirit walks and owl prowls, explore a unique convergence of wildlife and geography. 

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